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hi, i'm wes

self taught developer, sys admin, and hacker

When I was young I always loved puzzles and figuring out out how things work -- and often times breaking them. Since then, I've used the same curiosity to teach myself to code, hack, break things, and then fix them. Most of my coding experience today is in Go, Python, and JavaScript, but I've also been interested in learning Rust. I spend a lot of time doing CTFs and wargames, so I see myself as a jack of many trades (and definitely a master of none), but I really enjoy web security the most out of the bunch.

I've also always loved architecting and administering servers for just as long. Going back to hosting small Minecraft servers for my friends, to one of the largest servers for Team Fortress 2 in 2019 (almost 90k unique users by the end!), to self-hosting my own D&D game with some friends, making things run (and run well) has always given me a hit of dopamine.

In my free time I like to read, listen to way too much music, cook, and sometimes play a video game or two -- primarily Runescape and World of Warcraft, but sometimes others.

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